Coherent implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is an opportunistic, yet challenging task.  NGSS calls for a shift from focusing on learning discrete decontextualized science content to supporting student sense-making, to using disciplinary scientific ideas and practices alongside prior knowledge and experiences, and to constructing and critiquing evidence-based explanations.  To achieve this shift a systematic focus on coherent implementation of the NGSS across the varied layers of influence across the educational system (e.g., testing, curriculum, professional learning) is needed. In the end, we believe this means constructing, adopting, and adapting evolving infrastructure (e.g., tools & frameworks) that can focus the work of improving science teaching and learning and foster professional connections. In the video, Dr. Todd Campbell discusses his thoughts on how a networked improvement community could serve to drive this type of work to ensure meaningful science experiences for all students.

Dr. Todd Campbell introduces how a NIC can focus the collaborative efforts of a network of educational actors in effectively implementing the NGSS.

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