Collection of tools organized by working group subheadings.

District Science Specialists

Photo of district specialist working group session. Photo of district specialist working group session.

District leaders work on a model that show ideal stages of NGSS curriculum implementation.


NIC District Science Specialists Negotiated Core elements of NGSS Implementation

  1. Provides learning experiences anchored in phenomena that are relevant to students, elicits initial ideas and explanations, and sets goals or problem space for learning.
  2. The purposeful use of investigation (broadly construed), discourse (whole class and small group), and argumentation to develop a central model or explanatory account that is incrementally revised over time to explain the phenomenon or solve the problem.
  3. The intentional use of routines and tools to facilitate sensemaking and making student thinking visible to incrementally building and refining student understanding of a phenomenon or problem.

Negotiated in Reference to Windschitl, Thompson, and Braaten, 2018; Ko & Krist, 2019; Manz 2019 (Podcast)


NIC Advisory Board

Fishbone diagram of NGSS Implementation.

This working document identifies pressures experienced by groups of the NIC.

Interim Assessment Collaborative

Interim assessment primer

This tool is in development and provides guidance for interim assessments.

Mentor Teachers

Visit Model-based Inquiry to find our work on developing NGSS instructional materials to support student sense-making in science classrooms.